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All day long :

Our Circuit Training is open to all all day long.

Quick, Easy and Fun :

Our equipment is adapted to every one (all ages, any physical condition). It's safe, doesn’t harm the joints and it guarantees a complete workout with no risks for injuries or muscle pains

The strengthening and tonification of the muscle

The combination of resistance exercise with aerobics is adapted to anyone including those who have never entered a gym before and those who are already in good physical condition.

A rewarded experience

Our members know that with us, they exercise to be in shape and enjoy themselves. There is no doubt that exercising and listening to music or having a conversation with the other members is a very natural way to keep fit.

Talking about time

For those people who have a very busy schedule, all they need is 30 minutes of workout and they will feel happy and they can get back to their day-to-day tasks. Our work outs are quick and efficient.

The novelty of a circuit workout

Quick, Easy and Fun

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Vivafit Circuit
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